Living Hope Counselor

Many will agree, a Godly perspective is important.  As a Christian who is a licensed therapist and Board certified as a Professional Christian counselor, I strive to maintain a standard of professional value-based care that God would demand from me.

Help is available, however difficult to accept sometimes. Statistics show that the majority of people at one time or another in their life need professional help.  In my experience, until the real problem is identified, our problems only get recycled that results in even more devastating consequences in the future.  I believe it takes real courage to face our personal problems that in turn can lead a much better place to be in life with God taking the lead.

This kind of counseling to individuals and couples provides a living hope in overcoming real problems with real solutions.  Counseling is about getting to the deeper core that helps people move forward. The results, for example, is having more energy or being more productive, happier, or just finding more peace, self-control and life purpose. Ultimately the goal is to experience the kind of freedom, transformation and genuine recovery that is both possible and perpetual.

With offices in both Richmond and Chester, Virginia, Robin will help you increase your understanding of what the real problem is while reducing the obstacles that are counterproductive to reaching your goals.  Robin will show you how to identify your strengths, the resources and the steps needed to resolve unnecessary suffering.

God talks about running a race through life.  He doesn’t say we have to run fast, but rather to simply finish, one step at a time.

Our Lives are Driven According to What We Believe

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