Testimonials from previous clients

“Talking with Dr. Robin over the past few months has lifted my stress and replaced it with an empowering security.  His listening skills are amazing and his gentle, wise guidance has helped me grow.  I am grateful.”  – Jennifer M.

“It is refreshing to receive counseling from someone who uses character, compassion and God’s truths as his guide.”  – John P.

“Dr. Williams has a gift from making a person feel comfortable, safe and willing to talk-even committed loner introvert types.  I am in the midst of being counseled regarding my marriage and feel his suggestions on things to do between sessions have been helpful.  I have hope that my time with Dr. Williams is time well spent!”  – Richard T.

“If your soul (mind, emotions, psyche) is like your most treasured shirt and you just spilled wine, coffee or marinara sauce on it…then Dr. Williams is a stain specialist, making him one of the greatest dry cleaners I know…”  – Troy J.

“Dr. Williams brought light to bare in a very dark time in my life.  He is a quiet, wise and discerning samurai, with his sword of healing, truth and wisdom he separates the darkness from my light, so I can shine…”  – Mike K.

“My experience with Dr. Williams has met my needs.  He offers many choices for you to consider to change and correct your issues.”  – Elizabeth H.

“When I came to Dr. Williams, I was at the end of my rope. I felt that everyone had deserted me, and I couldn’t understand how God could be so distant when I felt like I needed Him most. I was anxious, depressed and angry! Counseling was the last resort before totally giving up! Through my sessions with Robin, I learned how to look at my life from a Biblical perspective. Our discussions and the techniques he used helped me to refocus my mind of God’s plan for my life. Robin also suggested exercises that I could practice at home to complement what we discussed in our sessions. Prayer, Scripture and Robin has helped me to get my life back on track! Dr. Robin Williams is truly a God-send!!!”  – Monica M.

“I drove over 180 miles roundtrip for the professional services of R. Williams & Associates.  I wouldn’t do it if the services provided were just above average or simply good…”  – David D.

“Robin has played a very significant role in my recovery from a two year Depression.  Robin Has great insight into what his role is in working through the issues and helping to guide me in the right direction. Thank you Robin!” – Tim G.

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