Who Needs a Counselor?

When does someone need counseling or professional help?

This checklist can help you decide whether a professional counselor is needed.

__   Difficulty in resolving conflicts that lasts more than a few days or months.

__   Experiencing personal loss for months or years without emotional resolution

__   Difficulty in trusting others on the job or at home

__   Eating too much where attempts to change were unsuccessful

__   Domestic violence or violation of physical, emotional or sexual boundaries

__   Marital discord and arguments that remain unresolved

__   Low energy and prolonged fatigue that last for days or weeks most of the time

__   Significant dissatisfaction with personal level of spiritual growth

__   Difficulty in concentrating that effects daily functioning

__   Concern over excessive weight gain or loss

__   Physical aches and pain that appear to have no physiological cause

__   Not feeling safe at home or around others

__   Concerns over quality of life issues or difficulty making lifestyle changes

__   Disorganization of thought

__   Excessive worry about matters that seem trivial or insignificant

__   Family members having strong feelings about leaving the home or separating.

__   Children getting in trouble with the law or at school more than once or twice

__   Dissatisfaction with life purpose and meaning

__   A pattern of blaming others for their own problems

__   Minimizing how much alcohol is consumed in a certain period of time

__   Having thoughts or experiencing repetitious behaviors that cannot be controlled

__   Having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else

__   Emotionally or socially isolating from people for more than a few days or weeks

__  Unexplained anger or rage

__  Taking more prescription medication that recommended by your Physician

__  Reoccurring feelings that are bothersome or troubling to you or others

__  Ongoing frustration over little things

__  Is there anyone that has deep concerns for you or thinking there is a problem?

__  Spiritual confusion

__  Feeling isolated and alone

__  Bad dreams or nightmares that persist

__  Fear of dying

__  Argumentative

__  Buying things that are not needed

__  Fear of going crazy

__  Lying when there is no reason to lie

__  Exaggerated responses to little things