My Role as Your Therapist

My Role As Your Therapist…

I first of all believe in the capacity for us to change as human beings. I also believe that for those willing to see a professional counselor is truly courageous.  To honestly face ourselves and explore what is sometimes the inner frontier of our very being requires strength and humility in order to make real change.  With an open attitude to learn and discover more about who you are can prove to have many benefits.  An active dialogue with one trained in sound principals, equipped with a Godly perspective, asking the right questions, can often get the right answers.

Some of those questions could be:

1.)  What to do about overwhelming problems?

2.)  What is the next step in solving some of my problems?

3.)  What is my purpose on earth?

4.)  Why do I do what doesn’t make any sense?

5.)  Why do bad things happen to good people?

6.)  What did I do wrong?

7.)  What causes me to be so mad?

8.)  Why do I stay in a job that I don’t like?

9.)  What causes me to overreact to others?

And there are many other questions to list, but I believe there are answers to many of our questions or problems. Humans want to know and discover the truth about many things without getting just another opinion or dissertation on whatever subject. I encourage people to seek the kind of knowledge through a biblical perspective.

Jesus says we will have problems in this life. But only in Jesus will we find true peace.   It is the necessary kind of self manufactured pain in comparison to and sometimes necessary kind of suffering that has purpose.

To help make progress we first must be willing to engage in a therapeutic process. Second, accepting the possibilities that we can change through proper direction. Change occurs quickly for some and for others it may take as long as it takes. For most of us, real and lasting change is a lifelong endeavor that is based on learning from our mistakes and making better choices.

My style in working with others is a shared responsibility when diligently looking for the answers in getting the desired results your seeking when our time is so short when meeting together in session.  My expectation is to get to the point of what will meet your goals.

I am a person of Christian faith that integrates various counseling methods that are based on the evidences or success seen in working with others.  The (true) definition of psychotherapy is a healing of the mind or soul.  This evidence that I refer to is found in the Bible, God’s revelation to mankind. After working with people professionally for nearly 30 years, it is a perspective and power that needs to exceed our own that will make the most difference in whatever problem we have.

Your expectations may vary depending on what you understand about what therapy can or cannot accomplish. Throughout the early stages of the therapeutic process, I’ll share more about what therapy is from a Godly perspective. Whatever approach one may use, the focus will be on accomplishing your goals, transformation and not to lean entirely on our own understanding but getting more input from God’s perspective.

At first a number of things pertaining to therapy may not make sense and sometimes where things get worse before they get better. Therapy is not for everybody, but I ask that you be patient at first when an assessment needs to be done that includes gathering information within the planning stage of deciding what direction to take to solving your problems.